For Students and Parents:

WhatsUP? is a workshop style forum with clear rules of engagement for topics that are current and high priority to our student and parent community. Some WhatsUP? sessions will be directed to parents and others to students. They will be led by a subject matter expert who will present information as well as facilitate conversation.  An outline will be followed with clear expectations and guidelines for behavior and discussion. Our goal is to learn from each other in a respectful and kind way.  A unique topic will be offered as a two hour workshop once a month. 

SNAP deals with parent to student, and student to student contracts for cell phones and social media. Like a teenager takes driving lessons before they operate a car, SNAP lays the groundwork for safely operating a cell phone. Our hope is to someday see a Steger,/Hixson counselor specifically handling social media issues.  REQUEST: Does anyone know of any schools that have implemented something like this and created this type of position anywhere in the country? We need contacts and research information. Please go to our contact page to give us information.

Hot Topic is a comprehensive resource for all topics related to parenting. This includes articles, websites, blogs, businesses, health providers, counselors, educational consultants. In the future we will offer a lending library for books. REQUEST: Please send us articles and blogs through our contact page about parenting.

DISH focuses on the nutritional side of our children’s well being. Informative and hands on cooking classes will be offered. 

SHINE recognizes the unique challenges parents face supporting a child with learning disabilities, ADHD and ASD in a mainstream classroom environment. This program will include organized support groups and presentations focused on the specific challenges for this parent group. We hope to shine a light on the innovations in this area and share information. 

Camp Rise is for newly graduated fifth graders heading into sixth grade. This age is a perfect storm of changing friendships, new academic expectations and hormonal changes. Not since the first two years of life will parents see such dramatic, wonderful and sometimes scary changes in their children. Parents will see their relationship with their children change as well as their adult friendships with other parents.  This camp will offer four days of camp in early August to prepare students for the challenges of sixth grade as well as offer concurrent sessions for parents.  Details on Camp Rise are sent to parents in May.

For Students:

Provided by Susan Gioia, CHILL, Mindfulness in Education, is a mindfulness program to reduce anxiety, prepare for and perform well on tests, get in the zone for sports competitions, and cope with the day to day stresses of middle school and high school student’s highly scheduled, technology driven, high expectation lives. According to studies by UCLA, Harvard and Psychology Today, meditation has been shown to reduce stress, increase compassion, boost test scores, improve the brain (literally), improve attention span, reduce anxiety and depression and improve the attitudes of teens.   In a report on ABC News, meditation for younger children was touted as improving behavior, increasing test scores, increasing memory, focus and attention. In San Francisco public schools meditation taught early led to dramatically improved test scores, decreased suspensions, expulsions and drop-out rates. This program is offered to students and educators.

WiseUP teaches the five factors of Emotional Intelligence that lead to life and career success. According to the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, the future workforce in the U.S., (today’s teens) are in dire psychological straits. Their stress is edging higher than that of adults for the first time in history. The rate of psychopathology is five times that of 75 years ago. A large and growing body of research is showing that strong Emotional Intelligence is correlated with success beginning as early as pre-school. The great news is that it can be taught.

PeaceCore is an in-school program for elementary age students. This program provides the foundations of mindfulness and Social/Emotional Intelligence (SEI). We are currently conducting a PeaceCore program for Bristol Elementary.


Green gets kids and teens outdoors in a natural environment to combat screen time. Numerous research studies have shown the connection of nature to a child’s emotional, and physical well- being. Humans are hardwired to need nature.  This program will offer both an after school program and longer weekend excursions.

Pause is an in-school program for high school age students to ease anxiety. Tools such as mindfulness, therapy dogs, face to face communication skills and boy focused discussion groups are part of this program. The Pause Project at WGHS was funded by the Webster Groves School District Foundation for the 2016/2017 school year.